Race relations in America are President Obama’s Fault

Race relations in America are worst then they have even been before, because of President Obama!   In my journey across America This statement has been dangled by my ears on multiple occasions.  My initial reaction was  what the heck. A black man as leader of the United States is bad for race relations?

I would like to inform the American populous that subscribes to this theory, that your level of feces may have reached it maximum potential. Noting has changed for people of color not one thing. Circumstances are such that we are shot by the police, beat by the police, have our rights as Americans violated by the police guess what that is nothing new.

What is new, what did change around 2008 the cell phone with camera video and sound. Now a mirror is being held up to the actions of America. When the stories of brutality are being recounted no longer could America say “I don’t believe that or he must have done something do deserve that thumping or that bullet.   Walter Scott had a broken tail light that ended in his death, police officer Michael T. Slager lied on his report stated Walter Scott took his Taser. Then the video surfaces it turns out that he was shot in back while running away. Here is the “I don’t believe it moment” the trial ended in a mistrial. This is nothing new for people of color this has been our entire existence we have faced this injustice since our feet were dragged ashore. America has just been provided with a mirror of your own action and you disgust yourself!

If you continually beat your dog, then reach out to pet him and he growls and show his teeth when your hand comes near him. Do you have bad relations with your dog or is he responding to your normal actions?

If that same dog says to the other dogs, don’t trust those humans when they reach out they are going to beat you, you better bark and growl to let them know your do not want to be beaten! How is that American now frames that as bad relations? That dog does not have a bad relationship with America that dog has just warned his fellow dogs to beware of that hand of America coming to beat him. Who can we blame for this state of affairs?  A third party?

This poor dog endured a constitutionally endorsed beating from 1619 until 1865. 1870 -1877 Reconstruction happens sixteen blacks served in Congress and about 600 served in states legislatures. That dog turns out to be more intelligent and capable than America could have ever thought. American responded in 1877 (Post Reconstruction) with Jim Crow laws.

I used dogs in this illustration because America has cared more for its dogs than some of its people. During the Reconstruction period 1870-1877 when sixteen blacks served in Congress and served well. The same words and thoughts were used to describe them as President Obama today. The blacks people in government were responsible for the poor race relations ?

It was that poor America that when faced with intelligent and capable black people that had to create Jim Crow laws to justify and endorse their own short coming, their own lack of drive, their own lack of achievement.

Today’s American has been made keenly aware of it actions via the true “new media” Cell phone images. Unlike the America of 1877, America today is sensitive to being labeled raciest realizing that being a racist is an outward expression of ones inelegance or lack intelligence.  America is looking to find fault with anyone but America.  That cell phone just held up a mirror to America, now that you see yourself you cannot hide, you can blame a third party (Barack Obama ) for your actions. Your just repeating history. You just don’t want to claim your label.